This Song Is Art

This song is so amazing, its my new theme song. The beautiful yodeling along with the japanglish… it is just pure art.

The First Official Blog

Now that I have my whole website set up, I guess it’s time I explicitly say what this website is gonna be about. ^_^

I will mostly be using this website to express myself and things I’m interested in along with doing my DS101/CT101 course work as well.

I’m super excited to make this website and personalize it to my liking! I don’t know who might come to visit my website aside from the amazing clone of Jeff Bezos AKA my professor, but I hope that the visitors have a good impression of me and feel good about my website.

I mostly just wanna vibe and chill so most of my posts are gonna be music that I listen to, you know, to feel good and chill.

I guess this is my way of escaping from reality to take a break from this quarantine and enjoy the things I love such as fashion, music, and even photography too. Hopefully, It goes well, I’m having a lot of fun at least~ ♥